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How to ensure your Customer’s safety at your business premises

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Customer safety is one of the main considerations of any retail outlet anywhere in the world at present. Whilst implementing key marketing strategies in order to promote products or services and increase sales, management also need to think about how safe their customers and how they feel in our store. With that, they can improve the attractiveness of their shoppers. With the present situation of the world at the time of writing this article, it is more important to get the necessary precautions to safeguard our customers as well as ourselves. When it comes to the question "How to ensure your Customer’s safety at your business premises?", the following areas should be basically covered.

Health Measures

How to ensure your Customer’s safety With the present situation at the time of writing this article, the most deadly and dangerous virus “COVID 19” has taken over the entire world and entire businesses in the world. Even we have opened our shops, customers are more vigilant to come to the shop. Hence we can place a Hand Sanitizer at your cash counter, Exit and enter doors or on restaurant tables.  Place a notice regarding the importance of wearing a mask and washing hands constantly. Not only for Coronavirus but also in every decease outbreak in your area or your country, you must follow certain precautions as described by your local health authority or WHO to ensure your customer's safety at your business premises.

Lighting Levels & Places

Appropriate lighting level is a key aspect of the customer experience. Showrooms require lighting level that allows customers to see what they are doing, what they are selecting and to ensure that none of the areas in the shop are dimly light or dark since this is where that thefts or attacks could get into the scene. This is especially important in fitting room areas, in toilets and baby-change facility areas where customers are out of the general view of the shop and there is a few staff to appear.

CCTV systems

How to ensure your Customer’s safety
Customers are generally highly comfortable at the presence of CCTV systems in stores. They believe that these systems are designed & installed to prevent crime and naturally feels much safer in an environment where CCTV cameras have been installed and they feel a safety. The same feeling naturally born in theft mind in an opposite way. In order to make this precaution successful, at least one member of staff dedicated to monitoring this security system and this also makes customers feel more at ease at your business premises.


The small retail environment is one that’s frequently under threat from small crime – from shoplifting items to pick-pocketing customers. These types of crimes are easier to commit in small, busy shops, where people are more tightly packed into space and it is difficult for shop’s staff, CCTV cameras or general shoppers to see what is happening. It’s quite easy for shoppers to put items in their bags without paying for those items or to steal a handbag and go out of the shop before anyone noticed. The best method to defeat these types of crimes is by arranging your items and that needs more space in the shop. This makes it identify immediately if someone is acting suspiciously, and customers also will be aware if someone is too close to them or threatening them. Hence the space of your business premises is more important to ensure the customer's safety.   There are a lot more various other ways to ensure your customers’ safety at your business premises, but these primary precautions may go a long way to reassuring customers that they are shopping or eating in a safe environment. The safer and more confident in your customer's mind and heart, the more likely they are to spend more money in your store.

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