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How to sell insurance

how to sell insurance

The insurance field is one of the rapidly growing fields. The insurance field is more approachable compared to other fields, therefore People seek jobs in the insurance field. Because of this high growth and the approachableness in the field, the competition among the insurance companies and the insurance agents is also high. If you are someone who looks forward to joining or someone who has already joined the field you have to put extra effort to sell insurance because of this high competition. But have you ever noticed that some simple tips can save extra energy which you had to put on to sell insurance? Let’s see how to sell insurance


How to sell insurance

Types of insurance

First of all, you should have a better understanding of what kind of insurance you are going to sell.

As you already know there are a few types of insurance services the companies offer. The target client base may differ from one type of insurance service to another. Let’s see some types of insurance services available in the market.

  • Auto insurance

This is the most common type of insurance. Every state expects its civilians who own a vehicle, to enroll their vehicles in auto insurance. This protects drivers from negative financial impacts if an accident occurs

  • Life insurance

The objective of this insurance service is to help the dependents of the policyholder to maintain their quality of life normally when the policyholder is no longer alive. The commissions are very high for the agents who work providing life insurance services.

  • Health insurance

Health insurance normally covers the insured’s hospital, surgical, and sometimes dental bills. The terms and the conditions of this policy are different from a company to another.

The above-stated insurance services are the most popular in the industry. Other than those homeowners’ insurance and renters’ insurance is also available.


Next, you have to get your license to sell insurance

If you want to sell insurance, you have to get your insurance license. The insurance laws are administrated with the estate.

First, you have to apply for the insurance license and most of the time this is done online. Next, you have to pass a background check and some states ask you to provide your fingerprint also. Then you have to enroll yourself in an insurance pre-licensing education course and this is mandatory for everyone who seeks to get their license. Finally, you have to pass the insurance license exam also.


Find an insurance company to work

Once you have completed these two steps you should find a company to work with. Some companies may help you to take your license. Sometimes you have to work out on getting your license on your own. Anyhow, once you find out a company now it is in your hands to be a successful agent. Let us provide you some guidance on that.


Path to be a successful insurance salesperson

Be professional

The number of insured your company is getting day by day is always depends upon your commitment. I strongly believe that it is not necessary to act as a role you are not familiar with when you are working. But when it comes to this field you have to behave in a very polite way as you are directly connecting with the clients. Dress professionally! Speak professionally! Simply forget who you are and be professional in every manner you can.

How to sell insurance

Choose your strategy

Most of the people do not consider an insurance policy as a basic need. Therefore you have to make them buy your insurance policy. For that you need to have a better selling strategy. There are many strategies you can use. Some of them are:

  • Sponsoring events
  • Awareness programs
  •  Give away
  •  Door to door selling
  • Selling through phone etc.

First you have to test every strategy and find out which is the best one.


Do not always expect to be accepted

In the beginning, you may make 100 attempts but succeed only once. Do not give up because of these kinds of situations. Rejection is normal when it comes to the insurance field.

You have to prepare yourself to be rejected if you are willing to work in this industry. In the beginning it is always hard but when time passes you will catch the style you should work in the industry.


Make them buy

People whom you approach may not be having the real need of buying an insurance policy from you. But you can make them buy!

Always trying to catch their emotions may help you. As an example, if you are selling life insurance, make them think about what will happen to their beloved ones in a situation of him not alive anymore.

Be tricky! As it does not make any harm to anyone. Your client is getting a good offer indeed and you are getting done the thing you exactly wanted.


Never lose the enthusiasm within you

Do not let your clients feel that you are doing this job because you have no choice. Clients may buy insurance policies not just because they trust the company. Sometimes they may buy the policies because you make them trust that the company will provide them the benefits as assured. So if you lose your enthusiasm for your job, do your clients on the insurance services you provide.


Seek for the opportunities

There are a lot of people getting married, having kids, buying vehicles newly. They may be your friends, family, or neighbor. Keep in touch with them. They are the easiest opportunities you can quickly grab. Most importantly build a network that makes you easy to find out opportunities.


No other medium can replace the talent of an insurance sales agent

Do not think that social media, newspapers, or something else will replace your role. Do not wait until people contact you through your social media profiles. Because that is not going to happen in this industry.

When selling insurance what matters the most is your skills. The way you speak, the things you speak, the way you speak less while listening more, how you make them trust your company are some of the skills you need to develop. You should develop your speaking skills. For that you should know. Therefore always try to update yourself with the knowledge related to your industry.



In the insurance field it does not matter whether you are new to the industry or not. It may a bit hard in the beginning until you catch the flow.  But more than that the skill of making a good impression on others and making them buy are the things that matter the most. Keep in mind that an insurance agent should always be a listener. There may be things you do not know. Make yourself a fast learner.

Do not ever forget taking good care of your existing clients and winning new clients are equally important.

I hope you will find better opportunities and we wish you luck!





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