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How to improve your online reputation

How to improve your online reputation

Building an online reputation was not much important in the early days. But nowadays since people have prioritized the use of online platforms, it is very much important to improve and maintain your online reputation at a good level.


Why improving your online reputation may important to you

Nowadays when people need to try a new good or a service, the first thing they do is, search the product or the service online. They check reviews and come to a decision. Most of the people like spending on companies who are having good reviews online. People check these reviews not only to read them. They trust these online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So, in an online platform the amount you earn is dependent upon the reputation you built up.

Even though people understand the importance of improving and maintaining online reputation, they still assume this is something out of their control. First, you have to understand that online reputation is something you can improve by yourself. All you need is a little effort.

Let’s see how to improve your online reputation.

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How to improve your online reputation


Handle both the compliments and criticisms

As now you concentrate more on improving online reputation you have value both the compliments and criticisms equally. Motivate your customers to write reviews and always reply to them in public.

People always expect the best things. If the things you provide do not match with their expectations they will criticize. Do not think criticisms are wholly destroying the online reputation. It depends upon how you are going to handle those. Accepting both compliments and criticisms is the best way that you can make your customers believe that you listen to their valuable ideas.

You should keep in mind that your customers can reach plenty of alternatives just by one click in an online platform unlikely in the traditional buying and selling platform. Whenever someone is not happy with your service, take a deep breath, and do every single thing you could do to meet his expectations.


Have an online review strategy

New customers decide either approaching or not approaching you based on the earlier reviews. So, now you know it is quite important to manage the reviews. For that you can have an online review strategy. Most of the time people add a review when they are not happy with your service. When they are satisfied they may not have the need to add a review as it does not give anything back to them.

Another problem is when a person dissatisfied he may criticize your service and ask his friends to do the same thing. You should value customer’s feedbacks indeed. But you should not let these kinds of angry customers ruin your online reputation.

So, motivate your customers to add feedback. Create a way of taking instant feedbacks such as pop up messages once someone makes a purchase online.


A good content is important

People believe love at first sight. Same as that, your ability of attracting customers depends upon the content. When it comes to the online platform people are so much judgmental. Once they are not satisfied with your content they will move to another, which can make them satisfied. updating a good content is kind of a key to the very first steps of improving your online reputation.

Keep in touch with competitors

As we mentioned, you are not the only one on this platform. A lot of alternatives are there. Which means you have to face good competition. First, you should have a clear understanding of what will be your rivals’ next step. If you are committed to improving your online reputation then you have to find out how your competitor is going to improve his online reputation. As an example, finding out whether your competitors do customer support via social media, what kind of influencers they use, etc.

If it seems like people give better reviews on your competitors then you have to find out what is lacking in you. This helps to avoid mistakes and maintain quality in your work. Sometimes everything you do online may store in another place even without your knowledge. Be careful when you speak of your competitors. Do not trash talk to your competitors. That may affect adversely to the improvement of your online reputation.


Do not let a software handle the best part. Engage employees instead

There is no someone else who cares about your online reputation other than you and the staff who is always committed to the success of yours. Those two parties are the only people who truly value the process. So, do not handover the most important part to a software provider. Instead take the maximum benefit from your staff. One loyal employee can help a lot.

They are like a channel that connects you and the outside world. Make them a part of the process. You can do that simply by recognizing, motivating, inspiring, and rewarding that kind of loyal employees. A trustworthy employee can improve the reputation in a way that cannot be done by someone else.


Surround yourself with people who make it happen

Put your concentration on maintaining good relationships with bloggers, journalists, etc. They can contribute a lot to improving your online reputation. Another way is working with influencers who are having a good reputation. By making them promote you, people get to know about you and also they reach you even though, they have never heard about you before. Sometimes they trust you just because they trust the influencer you choose. So, it is important to decide whom you are going to surround yourself with.


Keep your word

Once you promised with business-related matters never break your word. Instead keep your word. If you promised aftersales services then provide them. Do not make your customer uncomfortable and do not drag him to a place where he says nothing about you but a complaint. Be consistent. Improve your online reputation to a level where no one thinks twice to recommend you to the people they know. Provide them a service which they worth spending again and again.


Never let your effort to be a waste

As you all know it may take years to build up a good reputation but only a few seconds to trash. Once you improve your online reputation consider in every means that you can maintain it. We hope these tips will help you.




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