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Why is marketing important

Why is marketing important

What is marketing?

Marketing is the most efficient way of building a relationship with the marketer and the customer. After analyzing and anticipating consumer needs and wants there should be a channel which connects consumer and the producer. Marketing is the only way of taking the business into the consumers’ hands. It helps to establish a long-lasting relationship with the consumer and the marketer.


What is the job of marketing?

The main job of marketing is to convince people to do business with the producer or with the service provider. Every other thing we do in marketing should be done, with the idea of fulfilling that end result. The whole marketing mix (product, place, price, promotion, and people) needs to point the direction where the end result is convincing people to do business with the marketer.


The importance.

The relationship between the supplier or producer and the customer should be well managed. Marketing helps a lot to continue the good relationship between these two parties.

Organizations have to build up and maintain the reputation of the business. The consistency of a high reputation always depends upon the customers’ view on the products or services supplied by the company. Reputation should be built from the very beginning. Marketing plays a major role when building up the company’s reputation.

Marketing is a channel of communication that connects customers and marketers. It helps to build brand awareness.

The marketing strategy you choose should always go align with your budget and make sure that the marketing strategy you are using is the best and the most effective one you can use at the time.

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 Let’s see what the characteristics of effective marketing are

Be customer-oriented!

Customers are the most valuable asset of a business. Survival and the existence of business are highly dependent upon the loyalty and the resistance of its customers.

In today’s business world the main problem with most of the business is, they approach marketing from the wrong end. They put their concentration mostly on the products or the reputation of the company rather than prioritizing the customers’ needs and wants. Most importantly, if you are there to market your product and if you want your products to be sold, you should mainly think from the customers’ perspective. Value your customers!


Give them the idea of a “life-changing” product.

Normally consumers do not care about your product or the way you are going to face the competition in the market. What all they care about is whether the benefits they take from your product is worth comparing to the price they paid. If your product did not complete the expected needs and wants of the customer he will not think twice to shift to a rival as there are so many alternatives in the market.

You should convey to the consumer how your product will change your consumers’ life into a better one in a quick and dramatic way. This idea should be communicated to the consumers in a way they truly believe you. The way you choose to convey that should be effective enough to compete with the rivals.


Sell the benefits. Not the features.

Rather than buying just the product people like to experience the product. They are expecting to have a whole bunch of experiences when buying a product. In order to make them satisfy try to sell the benefits, they can get from the product. Not the features the product has.

As an example let’s take a pair of quality sunglasses.

  • Feature- UV protection.
  • Benefit- it will protect your eyes against the harmful rays of the sun.

As a marketer selling the benefit the consumer gets is more effective rather than selling the features of the product. When selling the benefits the consumer is going to take from this product the marketer can go beyond the traditional level by giving a clear idea to its customers about how his or her life is going to change because of this product. Even though magic is nothing but just a trick people still love to experience magic in their lives. The marketer should think like a magician. Be tricky!


You are dealing with every kind of customer!

Keep in mind that your target market consists of people who are having different education levels, different interests, and many more differences. Not every consumer thinks in a similar way. The idea of your business or product needs to be conveyed in a way that everyone can easily understand.

Even though your customers are not equally educated or having equal knowledge of the technical side of your product, keep in mind not to underestimate your customers. Other than selling just the benefits, try selling the benefit while providing evidence. Leave them no reasons to resist you.


Building up a mental connection with the consumer.

As I have mentioned above, to a consumer a product is a bunch of experience. This gives emotional value to a product. You should always try to connect these emotional values and marketing strategies. Most of the people are not interested in putting an extra effort to understand what an advertisement exactly says. At this point, the role of marketing is really huge.

The idea of product or service you want to sell should be delivered in a way that the mind of the customer can easily capture. When you are trying to sell a product always try to plot the way you are going to sell it with an idea which is more close to the mindset of the customers of your target market. As an example, let’s assume your target market is elderly people. You can come up with an idea which is more close to their mindset such as use this milk powder and get rid of osteoporosis.

Marketing is the only way you can use to build up a mental connection to the product in the consumer’s mind. Be tricky! Take the maximum use of the weak points of the people. As an example when selling a mobile phone do not stay stick to its price and technical features. Let your consumers take the experience of having that product with them. Help them to imagine the recognition they get within their friend groups but do not ever try to fool your customers. Keep in mind, “no reasons to resist”.


Plan your work. Work the plan.

When doing business even though you have to take spontaneous decisions the whole marketing process should be well planned from the very beginning. Therefore you should have a properly prepared marketing plan. First, you have to have a budget which goes aligns with your expectations. Then you have to select your target market and you should select the media you are going to use. When choosing the media try to focus on a method that helps you to approach the same person multiple times. Always schedule your work and stay stick to the plan if any other unexpected circumstance did not happen.

Marketing is the only way which helps you to build up a relationship with customers. That is the main importance of marketing. From the very beginning maintain a continuous analysis of the past and present data and forecast future data that may help you when understanding the trends. Marketing is the key to your customer’s mindset. Be tricky!

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