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Simple techniques to initiate stress and anxiety relief at work

What is Stress? There may a lot of changes in our day to day lives which may result in an adjustment or a change in our human body. People have to manage their work under a lot of stress due to work overload. Sometimes people may have to respond to the excess demand and that … Continue reading Simple techniques to initiate stress and anxiety relief at work

How to reduce stress

What is Stress?

There may a lot of changes in our day to day lives which may result in an adjustment or a change in our human body. People have to manage their work under a lot of stress due to work overload. Sometimes people may have to respond to the excess demand and that excess demand may create a mental, physical or emotional factor which adversely affects the mental health of the human being. Not only the negative things like work overload and financial instability but also situations like having a new job or having a new child may also create stress for some people. Stress is a psychological mindset of a person that describes how someone is going to cope with some unexpected situations in day to day life. We must initiate some simple techniques to reduce Stress.

One situation with bringing all the happiness in the world to someone may create a lot of stress for someone other. Both internal and external situations may cause stress. Internal situations like continuing illness and medical procedures and the external causes such as environmental factors and social situations may create the path for someone to be stressed. Most crucial medical conditions such as anxiety and depression are influenced by stress. Even though stress seems like only a mental factor it badly affects not only mental health but also the human body too. Brain and nerves, muscles and joints, heart, stomach, intestines, Human reproductive system are affected because of the stress.

Tense and exhausted man trying to explain his troubles to a psychologist while sitting on the couch in front of her

In life, most people are live with fear. Everyone has something which can be made them afraid of their lives. As an example, some girls are afraid of spiders. We can describe that fear within us as an emotional alarm which guides ourselves into some important spontaneous decisions. Sometimes people may able to not be harmed anyhow from a situation that they fear the most because of that sudden alarm which runs around the mind and guides them to the right end of the decisions.  Anxiety is a kind of feeling of being worried all the time because of an outcome that is most of the time uncertain. People built up a situation in their mind they start getting worried even though the existence of the situation is still uncertain.

This may create a constant heaviness in the mind and may create fear. Here we have to keep in touch with whether the emotional alarm starts running through the mind at the right time otherwise the damage which can be carried out by the fear may huge. Feeling nervous and restless. Increasing heart rate, sweating, feeling weak or tired may note as the symptoms of the anxiety. In the beginning, it may seem very simple but if a proper concentration is not given to minimize the stress and anxiety it may grow till it becomes a huge medical condition that needs long term medical treatments.

Most of the times stress and anxiety do share the same symptoms to an extent were sometimes very difficult to recognize correctly the difference between stress and anxiety but there is a slide difference in those two conditions. Both stress and anxiety share the same symptoms. As an example lack of concentration, sleepless nights and physical symptoms such as rapidly increasing heart rate and headache can be mentioned as the common symptoms to the stress and to the anxiety. Stress can be described as something which does not last for a longer period. Both the situation creates stress and its results are short term. It may provide both positive and negative effects. The positivity or the negativity of the stress depends upon the ability of a person to cope with stress.

As an example, if someone is working with an excessive workload which are having deadlines and if that person holds a personality which can successfully cope with stress those he may able to complete the work on time because of the stress which is in his mind to manage the work as if someone loses his concentration due to stress may not able to manage the overloaded work as he lost all his energy and motivation due to the stress. Comparing to the stress anxiety lasts for a longer period and it makes a lot of damage to the persons’ both social and occupational life.


Symptoms such as inability to meet the deadlines, always concentrating the negative effects of the things which are being doing by others, overreacting and overthinking about the situations which pops out at once in the middle of the work, take an unusual time to complete even a normal work can be recognized as symptoms of work stress other than the normal symptoms such as tiredness, sweating and shaking hands, etc. everyone has their own work to do. People have to maintain a clear mindset in the place they work otherwise they may not able to manage the work and that may negatively affect the image they have built up in their whole life. What we have to understand in life is that most of the situations are out of our control.

People should not risk their mental health for the things which are not certain most of the time or which cannot be controlled by the hands of the relatable people. People should practice uncertainty as a life practice as we cannot foresee the obstacles which came across life and the reactions of the people who are around us. Instead of being fearful of the uncertainty in life what we have to do is to manage and accept the uncertainty and we should always maintain a space to uncertainty in our plans otherwise people may stressed out when something unexpected or unplanned happens. Developing confidence helps a lot when dealing with stress and anxiety.

It enhances the positive personality and also guides people to better choices. If someone is not taking up or enrolling in anything new to them just because of the fear of taking a risk and the stress and the anxiety that means there is a lot to be developed in his personality and confidence. Work stress is kind of unavoidable in workplaces but the organization should give their maximum support to the employees in order to cope with the stress. People stressed out in the work when the presented work by the organization does not align with the personal and job-related capability and the knowledge of the individuals.

There are some exceptional cases where sometimes even the workload and the knowledge and ability of the workers do match there may be no sufficient support from the supervisors and from the colleges, the management of the organization may really poor so it creates a stressed employee and also the poor work design may also affect the mental health of an employee negatively. Even though there is good support from supervisors and colleagues sometimes the salary may not sufficient and the employees may not in a situation to leave the job as it may adversely affect their financial stability. So simply it stressed them out. When the stress which the organization indirectly puts on an employee with the workload is not manageable it creates stress which harms the mental health and the performance of an employee.

Portrait of a stressed and tired businessman at his office table


Even though we take stress and anxiety as a simple problem if the needed precautions are not taken in the first sign the damage may be irrecoverable and it may create long term repercussions. Symptoms of anxiety and stress which are stated above can be varied from time to time and the symptoms may change from person to person. Stress may cause strokes and high blood pressure. Not being able to recognize and to take immediate precautions at the beginning may end a person having suicidal thoughts. Stress can harm the brain also. It can damage the brain cells and also stress can reduce the size of the brain also.  That is why stress relief is very much important.

To a certain extent, stress is something unavoidable. But we can manage it at a low level by reducing the stress. Stress can adversely affect people’s productivity. By maintaining the stress into a considerably low-level people can maintain their usual level of productivity at work. In order to relieve the stress, we have to concentrate equally both the major and the minor symptoms. Sometimes any outstanding symptom may not be there but a person can still be stressed out, therefore, recognizing and taking the needed precautions is a must to relieve the stress.  When the stress is considerably low-level people may able to manage it by themselves, but when it is not manageable any more people should seek help. So as people who work under pressure everyone should know when to get help from a licensed mental health practitioner.


Simple techniques to reduce Stress

In order to relieve stress people can use simple three steps techniques. The first one is to practice a healthy lifestyle, the second one is to take proper medication, and the third one is psychotherapy. Before being the urge to go to medication and to psychotherapy people should try to practice a healthy lifestyle. The results of the medication may be not long term but if someone is trying to practice a healthy lifestyle instead of taking medication or psychotherapy that will create long term outstanding results on his life. Instead of these three steps technique, there are a lot of other techniques also. As a simple technique of relieving the stress, we can mention the deep breathing or named as relaxation breathing. The technique is to inhale while counting to four, hold the breath for four and exhale while counting to four and repeating the same thing again.

As the technology attached to devices plays a major role in today’s world is isolated from the devices even for a short time and get connected with nature may also help to relieve the stress. It gives you mindfulness. Instead of spending the whole day in front of a device everyone should allocate some time in their day to get attached to nature. Taking a walk is the best solution. Maintaining a habit of doing exercises daily may also help to reduce the risk. It boosts up not only the physical body but also mental health.

Yoga exercises have become a new trend for exercise. Talking with someone you love can also help reducing stress buy there may some people who do not have may friends or who are isolated from their families. People like that can maintain a diary and write each and every day of their lives in it.

Not only the things that made you happy but also the things that have driven you crazy, and the feelings they had also can be written. What if we can convert our stress and anxiety into something creative or productive? That’s why adults coloring books are so much important nowadays.  There are a lot of feelings which burn our hearts when stress affects our life. Converting those feelings into poems or arts may give feelings a valuable outcome and it is absolutely valuable than ending themselves in suicidal thoughts. Everyone should take a good sleep as a good sleep can impact both the physical and mental health a lot positively especially for stress. Music is always something that heals not only the mind but also the soul. Keep one or two of your favorite tracks in your smartphones to hear whenever you are stressed may help.

To live people should earn money and to that everyone should work by themselves. Even though the work-life is important the mental health is way much important than the work-life itself. In order to be productive first, we have to maintain a stress-free life. Taking a break from the usual life you are spending may also help. As the stress is unavoidable, from the beginning choosing a path you love as your carrier path may also help a lot. If you can convert your passion into your carrier that is one of the most beautiful things that you can ever experience as doing what you love is always more effective than loving what you do. Keep in continuous touch with hobbies which makes you happy is another solution. Reading books can help stress relief.

As well as it gives you knowledge. Fish therapy and work with kids also can help to relieve stress very much.  Even though there are so many techniques to relieve the stress if it continuously disturbs your day to day work seeking the help of a therapist is still the best solution as even a minor symptom of stress and anxiety should not be thrown away. Always be happy and healthy. Find reasons to be happy in life that will guide you to a stress-free life.

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