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Things to do when you turn 18

things to do when you turn 18
Most of us have spent our whole childhood dreaming to be an adult. We dreamed of taking decisions on our own and working as a real adult without having interference with our parents. Once you hit 18 it marks the end of your childhood officially. This means you have to face some changes in your life such as legal implications. Once you took the responsibility of your life on your shoulders, you may feel that things are becoming a little complicated. Therefore, you should be prepared as it is not sweet it seems. But do not make those complications spoil the fun. You are free to experience some new stuff. Let’s see things to do when you turn 18.  

Things to do when you turn 18


Get a tattoo

You are not a kid anymore. You can choose the path you want to go to and the cult you want to follow. If you dreamed to have a tattoo then why not having one as now you are 18? “What others will say?” If that is the problem, all we can suggest to you is to be you. Society will adjust.  

Get married or adopt a child

If you feel like you are responsible enough to look after another human then feel free to do so as you are legally allowed. But keep in mind that having the responsibility of another person on your shoulders is not easy.  

Keep a must watch and a must-read list

Life is not all about responsibilities and complications. Save some time to relax. As now you are considered as an adult you can watch 18+ movies and try reading banned books. Movies and books can educate you.  

Donate blood

If your blood can help saving someone’s life then why not donating some? It gives you a lot of health benefits such as good health and reduced risk of cancer.    

Take your license

The society counts you like an adult when you turn 18. It gives you the chance of driving a vehicle on your own assuming that you are responsible enough to handle one. So take your license.  

Make money on your own

You have ended up your childhood and now you should be able to take care of yourself. Find a way to make some money for you which helps you to be more independent.  

Change your name

If you never liked the name which was given by your parents or having the idea of building a brand name from your name then you can simply change it. You are legally allowed to do so if you wish.  

Exercise your voting rights

You turned 18. Therefore, now you can exercise your voting rights. The country and society expect you to have a better image of the future of your country. Educate yourself. Do not exercise voting rights just because the law allows you to. Be a responsible citizen.    

Buy alcohol and cigarettes

Even though, the law allows you to buy and use alcohol and cigarettes as you are 18 you should choose wisely. Getting the ability to avoid the interference of parents does not mean you can go extreme. Think twice before doing something as now you are an adult.  

Go for independence

If you are tired of relying on your family as now you are turned 18 then go find your independence. Earn some money and buy a place you can live in. An apartment or a house etc. Live your own.  

Try new things

You may avoid trying some new things before because of feeling you are not old enough to try those. Now you have got a kind of a license to try those as you have turned 18.  

Enroll yourself for a good education

18 is not just mean all the fun, freedom, and wildness. Yes, of course, you need to enjoy your life but you should keep in mind that without education you cannot survive much longer. Enroll yourself in higher education. As now you are considered as an adult you can choose your field of study on your own. If you have an idea then make it happen. If not take the help of someone who knows better.  

Why not try a bit of adventure?

Some of you may be dreamed of adventurous experiences such as skydiving, hiking, etc. Now you should be able to take care of yourself as you turned 18. So why not taking a risk when life is all about nothing but risks?  

Love someone

Life is always hard. You need someone to share your life with. As you have turned 18 now you know what kind of person will tolerate living with you. I hope you will find the best one for you!    

Dream the weirdest

Life is short. In the end, memories are all we have. Having some wired dreams will not do you harm. Ride in a Lamborghini, swimming with the dolphins in the sea, own film shoot are some of mine. So what is yours?  

Change your bad habits

Act like an adult. Your age should be clarified from your behavior. If you still work as a child even though, you turned 18 the society will not treat you like an adult. Change your bad habits into good. Take a good sleep, do some yoga, or have a habit of exercising, do meditation, etc.  

Take care of your parents

Now you may live on your own but never forget the people who raised you. Take care of your parents as they are getting older and weaker. life is having this magic of getting back what you did. the good and also the bad. So, take good care of them.   Life is all about love, friendship, and self-satisfaction. You are going to go on your path alone. After this milestone in your life, you will meet the most temporary and fake people you ever met in your life. And indeed the good people who give you the memories which last until your last breath. You will never be this much young again in your life. So enjoy it to the fullest. They say life is too short to be normal. So, be wired.      

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